Hutong Cooking

Journalist & Video Editor

One of the few constants in an otherwise changing landscape, the role of Beijing’s farmers’ markets have remained virtually intact for centuries. Nosing around towering piles of produce, neighbors greet friends, joke with vendors, and playfully bargain. Many like Zhou Chunyi visit the market once or twice daily, preferring to buy fresh than store foods at home. Zhou runs Hutong Cuisine Cooking School in Beijing, where she teaches students from around the world the art of hutong cuisine. Zhou shares on why she favors Sichuanese foods, and how the combination of Sichuan peppercorns and chilies create the famous “numb and spicy” flavor.

Lines Lab Creative Agency

Journalist & Video Editor

Manuel Correia da Silva and Clara Brito, designers at the creative agency Lines Lab, live and work in Macao, a former Portuguese colony whose economy is based on casinos. Here is their unusually contemplative take on the city known as the Vegas of the Orient.

Running Against the Grain

Producer & Video Editor

For centuries, exercise in China has been defined by Taoist principles, but such notions are losing traction, especially among youth. Can traditions such as Tai Chi keep pace with newer Western forms of fitness?

Lion Dancers

Journalist & Video Editor

Docu-style feature on young lion dancers. Part dance troupe, part Kung-Fu fighters, New York’s Chinese Freemasons relay the secrets of an ancient ritual to a new generation.

They Are Also Parents

Director & Video Editor

Short film featuring migrant factory workers with left-behind children in China. Commissioned by Swedish company CCR CSR (Center for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility).


Andrew Bird | Musical Succour

Journalist & Video Editor

Chicago indie musician Andrew Bird had a prolific year in 2012, with the release of two new albums – Break It Yourself and Hands of Glory, and a string of U.S. and European tour dates. The gifted singer, songwriter, violinist and whistler wound down the busy year with his annual “Gezelligheid” (the loosely translated Dutch term for “cozy”) winter concert performances in New York City and Chicago churches.Bird shares his trademark “spinny horns” acoustics, how he’s tailored the music to fit the chilly season, and the new tune stuck in his head.

Absolut Art Bar | First Look

Director & Video Editor

In anticipation of Nadim Abbas’s Art Bar Installation, an artistic collaboration with Absolut, we visited Nadim in his studio in Hong Kong and met with the performers, architects and designers he is collaborating with for this pioneering project.

The Absolut Company

The G7 Highway: Ready and Waiting

Video Journalist

49-year-old farmer Zhang Jishi lives in the remote Catholic village of Huangtugang, just off the newly built highway that aims to connect more towns and cities to Beijing. This profile was shot as part of That’s Beijing magazine’s Journeys Along the Seventh Ring Road interactive series. In just a few years time, Beijing’s latest urban expansion plan – the Seventh Ring Road, will pull over 100 million people of Hebei province into the city’s orbit.