Journeys Along the Seventh Ring Road

Camera, Production & Video Editor

This is a quick glimpse into Beijing’s latest urban expansion plan, the Seventh Ring Road, which in a few years time, will pull over 100 million people of Hebei province into the city’s orbit.

I spent a week with the That’s Beijing team, traveling Beijing’s Seventh Ring Road. Much of it is still under construction and because of this, we were able to capture a unique portrait of small towns, just before they really begin to boom. Some felt like the great frontier, others, like 2022 Olympic hopeful Zhangjiakou, are already thriving, with residents skeptical about the Ring’s benefits. Our small team covered 1500km of road – tracing the proposed 900km route. On the road, we met dreamers, critics, rural farmers, rich mining bosses…many of whom gave us their take on what it means to be connected to the capital.

More videos, photos & an interactive feature can be found here: Journeys Along the Seventh Ring

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