The Kiyotomo Sushi Bar

Director, Producer, & Video Editor

M+, Hong Kong’s new museum for visual culture, recently acquired the Kiyotomo sushi bar, designed by Shiro Kuramata in 1988. Now deinstalled from its original location, the entire space, including interior finishes, furnishings and exterior façade, will be preserved and re-installed in the M+ galleries upon completion of the museum building.

This video takes you through the history of the Kiyotomo sushi bar, the story of its deinstallation and interviews with Kuramata collectors and the M+ curatorial team.

West Kowloon Cultural District

The G7 Highway: Ready and Waiting

Video Journalist

49-year-old farmer Zhang Jishi lives in the remote Catholic village of Huangtugang, just off the newly built highway that aims to connect more towns and cities to Beijing. This profile was shot as part of That’s Beijing magazine’s Journeys Along the Seventh Ring Road interactive series. In just a few years time, Beijing’s latest urban expansion plan – the Seventh Ring Road, will pull over 100 million people of Hebei province into the city’s orbit.

Zaha Hadid | Galaxy Soho

Journalist & Video Editor – interviewed Zaha Hadid, coordinated shoot, video-edited in post-production process.

In the heart of Beijing, the unveiling of the amorphous globes of Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy SOHO stunned visitors with the office and retail complex’s radical aesthetic. Beijing’s rapid economic growth has thrust the cityscape into a continuous battle between ever-climbing modern high rises, and the traditional, winding alleyways, unique to the capital city. meets Hadid to hear about her newest structural feat, and collect the thoughts of the building’s wide-eyed neighbours.

The Guardian,, ArchDaily

Li Hongbo | Paper Master

Journalist & Video Editor – interviewed artist Li Hongbo, directed and coordinated shoot, video-edited in post-production.

The former book editor whose fascination with paper has gone to artistic extremes., Colossal

Journeys Along the Seventh Ring Road

Production & Video Editor

A quick look at Beijing’s latest urban expansion plan, the Seventh Ring Road, which in a few years time, will pull over 100 million people of Hebei province, into the city’s orbit.

I spent a week with the That’s Beijing team, traveling Beijing’s Seventh Ring Road. Much of it is still under construction and because of this, we were able to capture a unique portrait of small towns, just before they really start to boom. Some felt like the great frontier, others, like 2022 Olympic hopeful Zhangjiakou, are already thriving, with residents skeptical about the Ring’s benefits. Our small team covered 1500km of road – tracing the proposed 900km route. We had just over 6 days of the road trip – stopping the van, getting out, interviewing people along the way in target cities. We met dreamers, critics, rural farmers, rich mining bosses…many of whom shared their take on what it means to be connected to the capital.

More videos, photos, & interactive feature can be found here: Journeys Along the Seventh Ring

That’s Beijing

Liu Bolin | Invisible Man

Journalist & Video Editor – interviewed Liu Bolin, coordinated shoot, translated soundbites. video-edited in post-production process.

Chinese artist Liu Bolin’s ability to blend into the background has become a powerful mode of social commentary.

The Guardian,

M+ Hong Kong’s New Museum for Visual Culture

Director, Producer & Video Editor

“Following an international competition, the celebrated Swiss architecture firm of Herzog & de Meuron, working with Hong Kong-based TFP Farrells and Ove Arup & Partners HK, has been selected to design the M+ building.” – WKCDA

M+, Hong Kong’s new museum for visual culture, will house the world’s largest Chinese contemporary art collection.

WKCDA, Wallpaper*

Hutong Cooking

Journalist & Video Editor

One of the few constants in an otherwise changing landscape, the role of Beijing’s farmers’ markets have remained virtually intact for centuries. Nosing around towering piles of produce, neighbors greet friends, joke with vendors, and playfully bargain. Many like Zhou Chunyi visit the market once or twice daily, preferring to buy fresh than store foods at home. Zhou runs Hutong Cuisine Cooking School in Beijing, where she teaches students from around the world the art of hutong cuisine. Zhou shares on why she favors Sichuanese foods, and how the combination of Sichuan peppercorns and chilies create the famous “numb and spicy” flavor.